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Network guarantee

All the companies that join Wastly’s network are verified and our technical staff check whether they are in possession of the qualifications required by law.

Towards a Zero Waste Europe

Wastly contributes to the creation of a dynamic market of Secondary Raw Materials (SRMs) encouraging the use of recycled materials in products and infrastructures.

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Do you manage a manufacturing activity? Are you an artisan, a trader, a firm, a factory and so on?

Waste collectors, carriers, mediators

Are you a company that manages urban waste collection or are you a carrier or a mediator?

Recovery/disposal Plants

Are you a plant for the recovery or disposal of materials and energy? Are you either a landfill or an incinerator plant?

Recycling Plants

Are you a manufacturing company that uses secondary raw materials in their production process?


Are you a municipality or a public body?


Are you a private citizen, an association, a school or a University?

Business Elite service

Our Business Elite service is a management tool that allows you to check and schedule all authorizations/registrations of the customer/suppliers/consortium members base of your company or consortium.

Cut costs of verifications by 80%



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