Wastly is a technological platform designed for all Circular Economy operators, including producers, waste collectors, carriers, mediators as well as recovery and disposal plants, recycling plants, municipalities and private citizens.

Not only does Wastly allow you to find the contacts of all parties involved, but it also allows you to verify the authorizations of recovery and/or disposal plants and their enrolment at the Italian Register of Environmental Operators.
An innovative start-up company founded in 2015 thanks to the support of private investors, Wastly was awarded Sardegna Ricerche’s 50K€ voucher start-up in 2016. Wastly is a young but steadily growing company, specialized in the creation of highly innovative technological solutions for companies operating in the green sector, and in particular for all those companies that join the virtuous cycle of Circular Economy.
Wastly is able to activate a wide network of environmental engineers, information consultants and developers. Thanks to an expert and consolidated team, Wastly is committed to establishing and keeping a sound relationship with its customers always aiming for excellence starting from its offer of services and solutions to its customer service activities.

Europe and Circular Economy

We live in a historical period in which Europe seeks to develop policies that aim at making the economy more circular so that the value of products, materials and resources is preserved as much as possible and waste production is reduced to a minimum. It is in this context that Wastly developed a tool that is able to favour and transform the economy as well as to generate competitive sustainable benefits.
Although companies are required by law to verify each other’s authorizations, in 75% of cases this obligation is neglected, increasing the risk of incurring in criminal offence by more than 50%.  Such regulatory implications as well as companies’ objective difficulties in getting in touch and their need to give value to their scraps, and the growing demand for secondary raw materials have all played a part in underlying the urgency for a platform like Wastly’s where users have an active role.


Wastly was created by a team of three people. Thanks to their efforts both at a personal and professional level, they have achieved many results. Find out more about their experience.


Wastly comes from the experience gained by its team in the waste sector, in recycling and in the legal field. Consolidated trends in the waste sector, caused by long bureaucratic practices that require extensive expertise, may result in difficulties both for companies and for public authorities in the integrated management of their waste.
Since 2014 Wastly, supported by the first directions given by the European Union on “Zero Waste”, has based its growth plan on the belief that within 6 years the market would develop around the concept of Circular Economy. Wastly envisaged that the majority of European companies would face so many difficulties in communicating and that they would feel the need to find each other through a common language. Hence the idea of creating a new way of matching supply and demand ensuring good quality of the business contacts as well as speed in finding them.
Therefore, Wastly’s mission is to create a network where the only players involved are verified companies, that is all those companies authorized to operate in the waste sector because their certifications have been double-checked by our technical team during the registration phase. Thus, companies are able to save both time and money.
Wastly’s goal is not to create an inactive database, but to build a dynamic network whose members are active and join the system by providing their authorizations and company data with the greatest possible transparency. The aim is to accelerate and facilitate, always in a transparent manner, SRMs commercialization process and the closure of the supply chains for the recovery of materials as well as simplify waste and SRMs circulation.