Frequently asked questions and answers

Wastly is an online platform where you can buy and sell Secondary Raw Materials.

Click on the “Register” button and create your Business profile.

Insert your VAT number, receive a confirmation code on your email, complete your business profile and attach a soft copy of your authorizations and certifications.

Creating your Wastly account is totally free and you can delete your business account at any time.


The registration process can be interrupted without losing your input data by clicking on the “SAVE” button. You can resume and finish your registration at a later time.

Search for a product and make your offer. As soon as the advertisement expires, if your offer has been accepted, you can get in touch with the seller.


For further details visit HOW IT WORKS.

Place your advertisement specifying your product’s features, the minimum bid amount, and your advertisement deadline.

When your advertisement expires, you can choose the offer you prefer, and you can get in touch with the buyer.


For further details visit HOW IT WORKS.

The company that places the advertisements and the company that makes a bid will remain anonymous until the offer is accepted.

The payment system used by Wastly is provided by an online platform specialized in B2B transactions. It is safe and secure.

Click on “NON-COMPLIANCE” and ask how to return your order.

Wastly will complete the necessary verifications and, should the goods be non-compliant with the order, will refund you the full amount paid.

Fees are borne by the Seller. Wastly charges a fee on the transaction (4%), to which you must add 1,4% of bank fees.

There are no additional costs for the Buyer.

Wastly provides you with a chat as a direct communication tool thanks to which you can contact the buyer/seller with regards to the specific transaction.

Delivery terms are to be agreed upon by the parties.

Wastly offers a free telephone support service. You can contact us on +39 070 7538406, MON-FRY: 9 A.M.-7 P.M.


Furthermore, you can access our “TICKET section, our operators will answer your questions.